June 12, 2011

Just a little table

So I bought this really cute little table. 
You know the kind, it could be used as a nightstand, or an end table
or maybe just a lamp stand...the possibilities are endless really!
I bought it back in August, when I was living in Cedar City.
I got it for $8 and had no idea what to do with it or when I'd use it, 
but for $8 how could I go wrong?

The top was peeling and it needed a little love.

Fast Forward 8 Months...
I started to work on it! First I sanded the top down to the bare wood. 
Then I spray painted the legs silver
(now I have this love hate thing going on with spray paint.
I love it because it's so quick and there are no paint brushes to clean out, but I hate it because I'm too impatient with it and I always make it run)
it took like 80 coats of paint to cover the green, 
as I was too anxious to see some progress to sand the legs.

Then I bought this lovely color to match my
daughters room and after it was dry, 
I painted a VERY light coat of the sliver spray paint! 
Then I applied wallpaper to the top of it 
(heavy books on top just to make sure it's on there smooth)
and spray painted the hardware to match!

After the everything was very dry, I mean like a weeks worth of drying, I used upholstery tacks to secure the wallpaper and to add a little glamor to the table and applied 2 layers of satin clear coat!

Finished Product
A totally cute table that I will use as a nightstand 
for my sweet daughters awesome room!

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