December 09, 2011

My Wish List

 It's hard when you're put on the spot..."What would you like for Christmas?"
You scramble for an idea... you think of things you'd like all the time,
but those ideas all flee form you mind what you're put on the spot!
So I'm thinking that this might be the best way to solve that problem.
I can update this post as often as will be needed and anyone who asks
"What would you like for Christmas?" 
I can just send them here!

Leggins size M
Euphoria Salon Gift Card
Hatpin the first 
 JoAnn etc Gift Card
Hatpin the second 
 TJMaxx Gift Card
Hatpin the third 
Charming Charlies Gift Card
 $$$ for Jane Austen Ball 2013
Starbucks Gift Card
Cathrine the Great 
A Christmas Story, the movie
A Christmas Carol
Black Coat-small
Black Coat-small
Or even...
This Black Coat-small
Compact Disk the First 
Archery Lessons
Opera Glasses
Yogurt Maker
Pizza Chopper
Pizza Peel

I figure I'll update it occasionally and it can be use for any reason at any time of the year!

Merry Christmas!

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