March 04, 2012

Flower Napkin Rings

I did little project recently and thought they turned out so lovely

First I gathered wire cutters, scissors, clicker lighter, felt, hair-ties and...
The flowers of my choice. Once I had everything, I clipped the flowers off right where it meets the stem. I think it's better to clip than to pull the heads off. The I took the lighter and melted the spot where it connected so that it would all stay together, like so...
Then I cut out an oval of felt and snipped off 3 leaf stems and hot glued them to the felt. Then I glue the flower on top of the leaves.

When all of that was done I took another piece of felt and glued it to the first piece of felt with a hair-tie between the two pieces if felt.

And now the finished product!
I'm thinking I really need to take a photography class and maybe upgrade my camera...yikes!

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