July 17, 2012

aSaraDeeOriginal Sweet & Salted Bananas

This is AMAZING!!!

I've always liked peanut butter and honey, especially on toast. I've also greatly enjoyed peanut butter and bananas. So in my attempt to eat a great portion of my diet using raw foods in their most natural state, I combined the two and made peanut butter with bananas drizzled with honey...

 The dish was delightful. But then I had a stroke of inspiration!! What this delish dish needed was a contrast with the sweet. Just add SALT! Who would have thought?

Sweet and Salted Bananas

1 whole banana, perfectly ripe, sliced into circles
2 teaspoons of good peanut butter
1 teaspoon of raw honey
Real Salt

 Slice bananas onto a pretty little plate. Grind a little bit of salt over them. Drizzle the bananas with the honey and place the peanut butter to the side of the bananas. Allow the dish to 'rest' for about 10 minutes before enjoying!

 Tell me what you think!

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