January 06, 2013

My Thanksgiving Apron

 I have a friend, who hosted an Apron Exchange. "Great," I thought "I can get some practice making a few aprons..." it was a purely selfish motive. I could perfect my skills and then I'd be able to make the best one for me.
 So I made the first one and it turned out really cute. I have this great idea that will totally revolutionize the common apron. It's no wonder ladies don't like wearing them, they're not very practical. But I digress.

 (Yes, that is one apron on top of the other that you see)

I get the first one done, send it off and sign up to make one for Christmas.

Bad idea.

I didn't get it packed up and mailed until January 2.

So, I vow to never make an apron for an apron exchange again...at least in the month of December.

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