September 01, 2013

Don't be hatin' the squash

 So here in Las Vegas we have a great place called Gilcrease Orchards. For being in the middle of the desert, it's an amazing place. In the summer I love to go and get tomatoes, onions, melon and squash. However, I think that I am the only one in my family who appreciates the beauty on taste of squash. Well, in an attempt to bring the rest of the crew to the light, I've done some experimenting. This is what I've discovered...

If you fill the center with pasta sauce, or French onion soup broth and cook it in a slow coker, it's so good. Full of flavor. And if you add a slice of cheese over the top and melt it before serving, it's even better.

 Then you can take the leftovers, place it in the blender and pour it into an ice tray. Freeze, then place in freezer bags and you've got a healthy addition to soups and stews, and the little Rebels never even know!

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