September 26, 2010

My Corner Cabinet

I've always wanted one of these...I'm not really sure why, but I have. So I asked my Grandma, who happens to be the best thrift store shopper in the world, if she would keep her eye out for one as I now had a place to put one, and within a week she had found this one for $30! You know it!
However, it didn't look the way I wanted it to, but I had no fear in my abilities...Paint fixes anything!

I love the wallpaper trick, it looks so Victorian, well I guess French is more accurate. I added the cute wood rooster decor piece at the top, then I spray painted the hardware black. At first I thought a nice green for the color, but when I wnet to pick up the paint I found this great eggplant color. But much to my dismay, once I got it on, I didn't love it. So in the end...

I went with my favorite color...RICH RED. I am so pleased with the outcome!

Close up of the top shelf.

And a close up of the bottom shelf.
Thank you to my sister BTB for the silver pieces, vintage silver is my one weakness!
I totally love this 'new' addition to my home. What do you think?

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