September 26, 2010


So, I have this weakness for Toile. I LOVE IT! When I found this shirt, I figured I couldn't live without it. However, as you know, I hate long sleeves, AND I really don't like looking like a man. Not that I have anything against them, I just prefer looking like a woman seeing is how I am one. So I took in the front and back of this shirt like 3 years ago, then I got pregnant and put all my clothes into storage! So now that I have gotten them out of storage, I'm ready to fix the sleeves...
Sally will model this project for us. It's really a cute top, now that it's form fitting.
I'm into this elastic thing. The sleeves stay where you want them, well where I want them... just above my elbows.
Plus, this way it adds a little more "umph" to the flair at the elbows.
Then I added the blue lace after I ordered it off eBay, and waited for it to come. Once that was done I cut the blouse material a little shorter and fringed it. I feel like royalty with sleeves like these!
The Finished Product.
Well worth the time and effort. If we must wear clothing, we might as well like what we wear!

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