September 19, 2010

Pink and Black and Silhouettes, oh my!

So my most wonderful mother in law and sister in law introduced me to this great little boutique in the St George mall. It's the Bohme Boutique. I found a few really feminine things there, much to my pocketbook's dismay. Not that it was really expensive, but I hadn't figured it into my monthly budget, you know how those things go, but when you find something you love, you just can't pass it up (Thrift Store Shopping Rule #1)
So amazingly cute, right?
Well, I love everything about it, but the 'pull' at the button, that I don't love...
Up close
So...I set out to fix it...
A little ribbon and an extra button and....
TaDah! So much better. No pulling, no stretching, no "it looks like I'm too big in the middle"! I couldn't be happier.
Final close up

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