September 25, 2011


 I did a little research on Bloomers, and while I suppose it makes sense that they were never really popular, I"m guessing it had more to do with the style of the outer dress than the bloomers themselves. I love the idea of bloomers, pettipants, pantalettes, leggins or whatever else you want to call them. I cannot tell you the number of times I've been at church and have seen someones underwear because either they didn't know how to sit like a lady, or at the moment a young child was making to impossible for them to do so.

I personally believe that we have done ourselves a huge disservice in casting off the idea of women dressing in skirts and dresses. I agree that sometimes life is easier in pants, but more often than not, there is nothing I do in my everyday life that can't be done in a skirt. I mop floors, clean bathrooms, wash, dry and fold laundry, wash dishes...

 I think women behave better when they don a skirt, at least one that has a little length. However, now that the long skirt is not in fashion, they are hard to come by, and reality is that a full knee-length skirt is very dainty and flattering, but along with this, shorter skirts are a lot more revealing, too. And unless you spend sometime in front of a full length mirror, you have no clue how often you expose yourself in some of the most embarrassing ways...
The solution? Bloomers.

 These darling pettipants can be purchased at Effie's Heart.
I own 4 pairs,all in different colors so that I can make my outfits
match.I figure we must wear clothes, so it might as well be fun. 
I have also found cute lace trimmed leggins at TJMaxx for $6!
A total bargain if I do say so myself.

 I made some bloomers out of cargo pants, and although I don't
think they would be very flattering to wear under a skirt,
they're totally cute with a pair of riding boots when you're camping!

First I cut the leg about 5" below the knee. Then I added a lace ruffle.

Then I added an elastic band about 3.5" up from the bottom of the pant, not the bottom of the lace. The whole thing took about 45 minutes and I think they look so cute!

Just because we CAN wear pants every day of the year if we want to,
doesn't mean that was SHOULD. In my world, I can make skirts
work 99% of the time with much thanks to bloomers, 
and I'm blessed with the freedom
to wear cute pants like these the other 1% of the time!

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