September 04, 2011

Room Screens

 I love Room Screens. This one can be purchased here.
I think it would make getting dressed fun just having one of these!
Frederick Charles Soulacroix
Frederick Charles Soulacroix

The biggest problem is that they can cost an arm and a leg!
So I've come up with a solution!
Make my own from scraps!
I had these from a previous project and need something to do with them!
So I painted the inside with stencils and spray paint, then I painted the wood,
then I attached brackets to connect to two together!
( I did paint the hardware to match the doors.)

I found two panels to a room screen in a thrift store for $25
and did a little custom painting!
They started out plain black on the back side and I didn't alter the front.
After I finished this I attached all three pieces together and Voila!
I had a room screen for a fraction of the cost of a new one
it's aSaraDeeOriginal piece of art!

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