May 13, 2012

Mabel McKnight

Doesn't that sound like a glorious name? I thought so.
 Wouldn't you like to know the life story of the woman named Mabel McKnight?
 Who she was married to, where she lived, what she loved,
if she had any children...the questions are endless!

 Endless I tell you!

Well, at least we can know what she looked like when she was young and beautiful...

Of course, 
I don't know if she's really named Mabel McKnight, but that is the name I shall give her.

I found her at an Estate Sale and just could leave her there. 
She had no frame, no protection. 

She needed me. 

So I took her home and found a frame for her, but she was in need of a little pop! 
So I covered the matting.

On her back it's written thus...

"For Um. Pierce Then Mabel McKnight"...
The questions continue to multiply!
Now she only awaits her hanging!

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