June 08, 2012

aSaraDeeOriginal Naanajo Tacos!

Who LOVES Navajo tacos? Me me me!

Who loves deep frying the Indian fry bread and getting grease splattered all over the kitchen just to make Navajo tacos?  
Not me.

So, who then, waits all year until they can go the the Panguitch Hot Air Balloon Festival to get a Navajo taco? Yours truly....until today!

I'll confess it, I don't love cooking. I should. I enjoy eating what I make, I just don't love spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal that takes 10 minutes to consume and then needing to spend another hour to clean it all up!

 So I'm walking out of the wonderful little market we have here, Fresh and Easy, and this idea hits me like a thunder bolt. I could use Naan bread to make Navajo tacos! Brilliant!! Unfortunately I was walking OUT, not in...so I mulled the idea over in my mind and it sounded better and better. I went back to the store to gather the toppings and behold...

The Naanajo Taco! 

All you need is 

 Naan Bread, warmed
 Beans, of your choice, warmed
 Cheese, shredded
 Tomatoes, diced
 Sour cream

 Layer and enjoy. The beautiful thing about this meal is that not only is it filling, it's vegetarian, too! 

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