October 21, 2012

I love cheese


 I hope that's okay.

 I don't apologize for it.

 I think it's wonderful...

 Served with hot artisan bread, some dried, or better yet, fresh fruit.

 Dipped in artisan olive oil and balsamic vinegar

 ...or butter.

 Wait, was I talking about cheese or bread?

 Cheese, we'll talk bread later.

 In Frisco, we went to this great little shop, Cheese Plus and bought some great varieties, but by far, my favorite was the Jeune Austin. It was purely delightful.

 I love soft cheese, like Brie or Port Salut. Sharp cheese, like Coastal English Sharp cheddar, that is so GOOD made into a grilled cheese sandwich. Sheep cheese is very strong, and it's almost better to wait to smell it until AFTER you've had your first taste, but is wonderful all the same.

 I'm just beginning my cheese journey, but I'm finding joy in this journey. Lots of it.

 Got any good recommendations?

 I think I see a road trip in my future

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