October 21, 2012

Half Moon Bay 2012

 So, because My Love has been traveling back and forth to SLC for work, he's racked up a bunch of Frequent Flyer miles. And because he does everything he can to make me happy, he spent those miles to take me to the most darling little spot (aside from Pismo Beach) on the California coast.
 We stayed at this great little place on Main Street. Half Moon Bay Inn

Then we spent our long weekend checking out all the fun, quaint, new and interesting things to do.

We spent some time bumming around San Francisco

Of course, one must drive the Golden Gate Bridge while there.
 Just in case you were unclear as to how to ride a cable car. Definitely hang on around corners!

The great thing about Frisco is that you get a great mix of the past and the future...

We hit up an Art Fair

Someday, when I'm invited to a real Masquerade Ball, I'm gonna buy one of these masks. They were incredible.

Then, a Farmers Market where I found these great velvet pumpkins. Posh Pumpkins were delightfully lovely. I had to buy 3 of them, of course...I have plans for them, ones that involve a fascinator.

You throw all of that in with some Main St shopping, some delicious food and tasty treats. Along with the best company a lady could ask for and what you get is a splendidly grand time!

Next year, I would like to go for this...

Proof that I was there...

                                                           I love to experience life!

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