October 06, 2012

Pride and Prejudice & Zombies 2012

This year we had so much fun at the P&P&Z ball. 

I was assigned to organizing the refreshment table. I'll confess that I really didn't think much on it until 2 days before the event. Fortunately there was an 'eye out' for me at Home Goods.

 I really like this picture.
The Theme this year was Mummy Dearest. It's a good thing that Morgan is willing to dress like my when I ask her to.
 Like Mummy, like daughter!
I went as a Egyptian Queen, reincarnated as a Regency Maid who then was Zombi-fied.

I even have the pictures to prove it happened.

We got in some dancing. Actually we got in a bunch of dancing.

 What a great group of people.

Thanks to all who made it a wonderfully fun evening. Hope to see YOU there next year!

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