January 20, 2013

The party tables that never were.

 Well, the party was supposed to be held at our home, but due to some circumstances, FAR beyond my control, after hours of worrying, cleaning, planning and preparing, the plans changed along with the location of the party, but I wanted to show you what it was going to look like.

 Every table was going to have china and stemware and real silverware. Pretty decorations and candles. Oh well, there's always next year. And if I were to look on the bright side,  which I always try to do, I would say that this was the perfect push to get some final things done to the home after moving in...you know, that last 5%.


All of these pictures were taken 2 days before the party so that I would know what I still needed to get to make the just perfect. Unfortunately, I was never able to take a picture of the final masterpiece. But nevertheless, I was delighted with the idea of dining at such a pleasant table with friends.

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