August 26, 2013

Out of the mouth of babes

Springfield, Missouri, News-Leader by 14 year-old Amanda McAlpine:

"The adults of today. Parents used to help their children grow up. Now they just watch them grow up. Parents used to correct their kids. Now they just ignore them. Parents have traded their children for jobs, money and stuff--more stuff, bigger stuff, better stuff. No one is there for the kids at home. Teens need a mom at home for them, more so than a baby does.
Our computers, TV, radios are full of trash, murder, sex, blood, gore and guts. It makes me sick. Did a child put that trash on the airways? I don't think so. Well, who is responsible for it? Adults. If parents loved their kids they would put a stop to it.  People, wake up, take control, take your kids to church. Get out the book of instructions (the bible) and use it. Be what you would like your kids to be--good, honest decent people. Love them. Listen to them. Be there for them. You will have a better life with love from your kids than with money, bigger stuff, newer cars and designer clothes.
Spend time with your kids, get to know them and about them. Use the word "no" and mean it."

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