July 15, 2012

My Mid-week Getaway

Last week I had the great pleasure of accompanying my Dearest to Provo, Utah while he was obliged to work.

We were diverted off I-15 due to a fire, so we had the delightful senic route drive.

So while my husband spent the day working, I explored the town. I must confess, I've never been drawn to Provo. So I've put some effort into changing my mind about the place.

I do love the old buildings there, the quaint old homes and the cooler summers, but you can find that in many places.

But after spending 2 days there, I now have reasons to want to go to Provo.

First...Cherry Lane Boutique

This shop is SO fun.I found a darling pink hat and a few other little trinkets! I'm totally looking forward to going back!

Then after spending a few hours reading in the park, I wend exploring some more and found this great place

Planted Earth. I enjoyed this shop too. They had LOTS of stuff. New and old.

Some of it a little strange, I'll admit. The only complaint that I have about Planted Earth is that there were a few things that I found there that I had seen inside of a Home Goods, only it was 3 times more expensive at Planted Earth.

Then I saw the restaurant...I totally want to dine here...after my 30 day raw diet of course!

 After hitting up the Deseret Industeries, I picked up Dearest and we stopped at the Red Barn and got some more wonderful apple juice and some cherries and then headed down to Cedar City Utah to enjoy the pleasant company of our dear friends David and Melissa Eggertsen and Melissa's sister Jamie Garlick. I love visiting with them. Next day we headed to St George to eat or 'drink' lunch as the case may be with Saint Sandy. We snuck into Urban Renewal and I found this great wall clock. I'm in love with it, double sided and it rotates!

Then finally home again. Many thanks to my older children for watching my younger children and for keeping the house so clean. I thoroughly enjoyed my mini vacation with my Dearest!

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