July 15, 2012

"You know what I really want?"

 I have wonderful children! Each one of them is incredible. My son, who is the youngest is absolutely a joy.

 So we were coming home from a fishing trip with some cousins and we've dropped them off, it's getting later in the evening, we've been driving all day and we decide to stop at Pepe's Tacos for, what will prove to be, a very late dinner.

 I turn around to face my son in the back of the truck and say to him, "What would you like to get from Pepe's? A quesadilla? Maybe a bowl of refried beans and cheese? Or maybe you'd like a burrito?" After a moments reflection, he says to me in his "I'm getting sleepy" voice, "You know what I really want? An Egg on toast." It sent a smile to every face in the vehicle!

 Well needless to say, we did stop at Pepe's because we didn't get into town until 11pm. Abraham was asleep by that time. So we carried him into the restaurant, thinking that he might wake up... we were wrong.

He slept through the whole meal. Loud Mexican music and all. We loaded him back into the car, went home and went to bed, Abraham never waking up.

 The first thing he asked for the next morning upon arising was...an egg on toast. Of course, his wish was granted, and he enjoyed every bite.

 To make the best Over Easy Eggs, before you flip it, sprinkle it with some Lawry's Seasoned Salt. Then place the egg salted side UP on your toast. Trust me.

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